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Even though the county government you selected does not yet participate in the Coast2Coast Rx Card program, you can still print a free card and use it to save up to 75% on your prescriptions at more than 59,000 pharmacies nationwide, including all chain and most independent pharmacies. Please call or email your county officials and ask them to contact Coast2Coast so they can help all of the uninsured or underinsured residents in your county. This program is free to the county and all county residents and can save residents up to 75% on the cost of their prescriptions. Your county officials can call us Toll Free at 1-800-931-8872 or email us at Until your county joins the Coast2Coast program, you may continue to use this discount card and enjoy the savings at more than 59,000 participating pharmacies throughout the United States.
To create your free prescription card, enter your full name (in the name box) and in the Member ID box, enter your 10-digit phone number (area code and number) or any 10-digit number of your choosing. We will not contact you for any reason and your information is kept strictly confidential.
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Para crear su tarjeta de receta gratis, escriba su nombre completo (en la casilla de nombre) y en la casilla de Member ID, escriba su número de teléfono de 10 dígitos (el área y el número) o cualquiernúmero de 10 dígitos que usted desee. No le vamos a contactar por ninguna razón y su información será completamente confidencial.
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