Summer Travel Health 101

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Do you plan on traveling this summer? Are you going on a beach, mountain or hiking adventure? No matter where you plan on traveling to this summer, there are a few health tips that will help keep you safe and let you focus on having fun!


Healthy Traveler’s Checklist – Before you go out of town, it is very important to review how your health care plan will take care of you and your family on vacation. This checklist from Health Net, Inc. includes information about health insurance, medications, proactive prescriptions, immunizations, benefits and coverage. You can see the entire list and its details here.

Traveling with Prescription Medicine – If you rely on prescription medications, make sure to plan ahead when traveling. First, you will need to order enough medication to cover your needs during your travel time. It is also very important that you pack your prescription medicine carefully in tightly closed containers and keep them protected from the heat and light. To help make your travel by plane a bit easier, follow guidelines and pack your prescription medicine in your carry on bag and bring a duplicate prescription with you. This blog has a good list of tips to keep in mind while traveling with prescription medicine.

Summer First Aid Kit – If you’re planning on hitting the open road or great outdoors this summer, be sure to have a summer first aid kit packed and ready to go in case of an emergency.  The American Red Cross, an expert in emergency response, listed the top ten essential items that you need to have inside of your first aid kit:

  • Adhesive bandages
  • Sterile gauze pads
  • Latex-free disposable glove
  • Tweezers
  • Thermometer
  • Triple-antibiotic ointment
  • Antiseptic wipes
  •  First-aid instructions
  • Topical antihistamines
  • Aspirin
  • Face mask


Immunizations – Make sure that you have all of your vaccines, health care information, and medication records up to date before you travel this summer. When you are traveling abroad, especially to an underdeveloped country, make sure that you’ve been adequately immunized against any infectious diseases you might encounter. Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention1 in addition to checking with your health care provider.


Healthy Eating and Drinking – While most travelers want to get a taste of their destination’s culture and cuisine, be careful about what you eat and drink in different cities and countries. Your body may not be accustomed to certain types of foreign food, so in order to avoid “traveler’s tummy”, you can choose to drink bottled water, fresh foods like fruits and nuts, and avoid unpasteurized dairy products such as cheese and milk as well as certain sea food dishes.2

Healthy Traveling Iphone and Ipad Apps – There are also several Iphone and Ipad apps that may help you stay safe as you travel, including the app called “Travel Health.” Take a look at more apps that could be helpful for you as you travel.


Active Summer Vacation –  Even if you don’t leave town, you can stay active and moving this summer! Check out this summer workout playlist to help keep you motivated during your summer workouts.3 Or, why not make fitness part of your travels… here’s a link to view summer 2012 marathons!


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Paying it Forward

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Hello from AmadorCounty,

Amador County recently reached milestones in its partnership with the Coast2Coast Rx card program — its three-year anniversary of participation, and more than $1.1 million saved by consumers using the card. I have been an advocate of the Coast2Coast Rx card in our community because I see it as a way for public servants like me to provide a vehicle for constituents to have access to affordable healthcare services while reinvesting in the community. And the irony is our collective impact requires minimal effort; on my part, it is as easy as the commitment to endorse the program.

In this public-private collaboration, the Board of Supervisors in Amador County endorsed the free discount card, offering our residents easy access to discounted rates on thousands of prescriptions and on health care services, diabetes supplies and even pet medications. Consumers have been comparing costs using the card and found themselves saving 10, 25 or even up to 75 percent on their regular visits to the pharmacy; something that we’ve been told can be the deciding factor in whether or not to fill a prescription. For the County, the program can best be described as a “win-win.” There are no administrative costs or added responsibilities to County staff and yet our public programs, namely Amador Lifeline and Meals on Wheels, benefit tremendously (read more about that here).

While it’s not required that County personnel take measures to promote the program, we have found that a little bit of effort and creativity can yield fantastic results. Virginia Manner, executive director of Amador Lifeline, a service of the Amador-Tuolumne Community Action Agency, has gone above and beyond to connect with local agencies and venues that are in turn providing the card to those who need it most. Her efforts and those of community organizations have increased the availability and use of the card. Outreach has included:

– Cards are available in the Amador County Administration Building lobby and at the Supervisors’ counter.

– Providing cards to clients and staff of local hospice programs, convalescent homes and residential care facilities.

– Making cards available at all local physician’s offices, medical clinics, home care agencies, ER rooms and hospital services.

– Providing cards to local union representatives for members and their families.

– Efforts to distribute cards via Amador County school children’s “Tuesday Home Packet” and to include in county telephone, cable, and waste disposal bills.

– Providing cards to local business owners to include in payroll envelopes.

– Distributing cards at local thrift shops, grocery stores and pharmacies, at the county fair and via our volunteer fire departments and ambulances.

– Offering cards at our Senior Center, County Health and Social Services offices and in their Senior Emergency Backpacks program.

– Distributing cards to attendees of local meetings, such as the Commission on Aging and Amador County Women’s Network.

– Outreach to the community via service clubs, public health fairs and community events.

We believe that the more we give, the more we get. This is true with the Coast2Coast Rx card program — with our efforts to raise awareness and use of the card, the amount of royalty funds we receive grows, which we are able to “pay forward” by allocating that to programs serving our senior citizens.

Even those of us working to get the card to the community continue to discover that it can benefit us personally. A coordinator at Amador Lifeline, who has been instrumental in distributing the card to our clients over the last three years, finally decided to look at the discounts available through the Coast2Coast Rx program. When the price of her prescription rose to $130 and wasn’t covered by her insurance, she asked for an estimate using the Coast2Coast Rx card — and was pleasantly surprised to find out that her discounted cost would be just $28!

I encourage public administrators and consumers alike to explore the benefits of the Coast2Coast Rx card, you are likely to find that it can provide great savings to you and your family, or to someone you know.


Warm Regards,

Amador County Supervisor John Plasse







Make a Change for National Men’s Health Week

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Why National Men’s Health Week?

National Men’s Health Week , June 11th -17th is a great way to begin the Father’s Day celebration! This weeklong observance brings together communities, businesses, government, schools, health organizations, places of worship, and other groups in an effort to promote men’s health—and encourages your father, brother, husband, friends, and yourself to make health a top priority. 1 Men are at risk for a variety of health issues; and WebMD has compiled the top 10 health concerns for Men:2

  • Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Lung Cancer
  • Colorectal Cancer
  • Prostate Disease
  • Testicular Cancer
  • Depression

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office on Men’s Health recommends that men visit a healthcare professional to receive regular checkups and preventative screenings, ask their doctor about medications and supplements to consider, and eat, sleep, and exercise well in order to stay healthy.3 However, men have a history of delaying and even forgoing routine and urgent medical care — experts caution men to remember that just because they are feeling fine doesn’t mean that there aren’t problems with blood pressure, cholesterol or blood sugar that should be given attention.4


Sounds good, but how do I celebrate National Men’s Health Week?

Organizations large and small will hold events, such as free health screenings and resource fairs, hand out educational materials, offer free fitness classes, issue proclamations, spread the word through social media, and more. To find an event near you and many resources for year-round health, please visit: And for the tech-savvy, try taking a look at Men’s Health Magazine’s list of the top helpful and useful smart phone apps that encourage men to live healthy lifestyles.


Whether you have an immediate health concern or are trying to get back on track with regular screenings and preventative care, the providers of the Coast2Coast Rx card believe that prohibitive cost should not have to prevent consumers from necessary dental, vision or hearing services, diabetes supplies or medications that thousands of men—and families—need. By using the Coast2Coast Rx card, consumers may save 10, 25, and even up to 75% on over 60,000 medications, including many commonly prescribed medications for blood pressure control and cholesterol management. Additionally, Coast2Coast Rx can save you up to 50% on your diabetic supplies.

Don’t let the important men in your life take their health for granted or delay routine care any longer! This year, when you think about getting Dad or Grandpa a Fathers’ Day card, think about also getting them a card that’s just as important – a Coast2Coast Rx card.  What a great way to show that you care!

Are you going to plan a healthy activity this weekend – maybe a walk in the park, or a nutritious Fathers’ Day meal full of lean protein and vegetables? Join Coast2Coast Rx on Facebook and Twitter to tell us how you plan to celebrate National Men’s Health Week and Father’s Day.











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4 “Psychology of Wellness: Why Men Don’t Go to Doctors” BlueCross BlueShield of Texas

*This is NOT insurance. Discounts are only available at participating pharmacies. By using this card you agree to pay the entire prescription cost less any applicable discount. Savings may vary by drug and by pharmacy. The program administrator may obtain fees or rebates from manufacturers and/or pharmacies based on your prescription drug purchases. These fees or rebates may be retained by the program administrator or shared with you and/or your pharmacy. Prescriptions purchased through this program will not be eligible for reimbursement through Medicaid, Medicare or any other government program. This program does not guarantee the quality of the services or products offered by individual providers. We do not sell your personal information. Call the member toll-free number on the front of the ID card (1-800-931-8872) to file a complaint related to this program. Note to Texas Consumers: You may contact the Texas Department of Insurance if you remain dissatisfied after completing this program’s complaint process. Owned and operated by Financial Marketing Concepts, Inc.; a Florida Corporation.