Let’s Hear it for Health Centers!

There are 44 million uninsured people in this nation and another 56 million who, although may have health insurance, live in areas without doctors and basic health services. 1 Health Centers play a vital role in helping these individuals and families have access to preventative care, health education, and necessary immunizations, prescriptions and more. 1

Coast2Coast Rx believes that no one should have to jeopardize their health simply because they can’t afford the health care services they need. Like the Coast2Coast Rx card, a local health center can be an important resource in helping individuals, families and communities improve their health outcomes. To ensure easy access to the savings available with the free discount prescription card, Coast2Coast Rx offers the card through participating cities, counties and townships, in partnership with many United Way and other nonprofit organizations, and even available to print on its website – /index.php/print-free-card.

In fact, the positive impact from Health Centers can often extend beyond the health outcomes. Not only do Health Centers employ hundreds of thousands of people, but they also boost economic activity by purchasing goods and services from local businesses—all while assisting millions more. 2 Their ability to help power local economies, while simultaneously improving the health of its residents, showcases their extensive and overwhelming significance.3

As 2013’s National Health Center Week approaches, there has never been a better time to emphasize the lasting impact our Health Centers have on our communities. This year National Health Center Week’s (NHCW) theme is “Celebrating America’s Health Centers: Transforming Health Care in Our Local Communities”, focusing on the dedication to innovation within Health Centers; continuously finding ways to modify and advance the health of their communities.3

Every year NHCW designates three days during the week to acknowledge special populations served by Health Centers. 3 This year’s are:

Public Housing Health Centers Day – Tuesday, August 13

Health Care for the Homeless Day – Wednesday, August 14

Farmworker Health Day – Thursday, August 15

And as every year, NHCW encourages you to join them in celebrating the efforts of our community Health Centers. To find a comprehensive list of events and see what may be occurring in your area, visit the NHCW events page. 4

At Coast2Coast Rx, we recognize the significance of NHCW as our goals of providing families with discounted prescriptions and health services align with NHCW’s aim to afford families the “high quality, cost effective, accessible care” they deserve. 2 Coast2Coast Rx invites community Health Centers to request a free supply of discount prescription cards for their consumers to further ensure their access to more affordable prescriptions and health care services.

Do you have a story of an experience at a health center to share? How has a local health center impacted you or your community? Join NHCW and Coast2Coast Rx this August 11th-17th in commending and appreciating Health Centers nationwide for their services, and for reminding us all that our health is invaluable.

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