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Coast2Coast Rx Cards For Cities
Houston, Texas       Article       October 14, 2010

KTRK       Article       October 12, 2010–november-3-9-2010.html

Lorain, Ohio

Newark, New Jersey
(scroll to bottom)

Coast2Coast Rx Cards For Counties
Alameda, California – Newspapers – Independent/IND 2009-09-03.pdf (scroll to page 3 of newspaper) (scroll down to page 2)

Amador, California

Augusta- Richmond, Georgia (scroll to bottom)

Buncombe, North Carolina

> (scroll down)

Charlotte, Florida

Collier, Florida

Contra Costa, California (scroll to page 3)

Copiah, Mississippi

Dallas, Texas

Dukes, Massachusetts (scroll to page 3)

Ellis, Texas

Highlands, Florida

Humboldt, California

Jackson, Mississippi

Lee, Florida

Madison, Mississippi

Mobile, Alabama

Panola, Mississippi

Placer, California

Rock Island, Illinois

San Joaquin, California,iZeY3TdoPDLE

San Luis Obispo, California (scroll to page 2)

San Mateo, California (scroll down to bottom of Santa Clara County launch)

Santa Barbara, California (scroll down through several other news stories)

Santa Cruz, California

Sarasota, Florida (click on video button on pill picture)

Smith, Mississippi

Tulare, California

Ventura, California

Walthall, Mississippi

York, Pennsylvania

Coast2Coast Rx Cards For Townships:
Niles – Township, Illinois (flip to second page),skokie-prescript-102110-s1.article

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