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Red Ribbon Week, October 20th -28th, 2012, is an ideal way for people and communities to unite and take a visible stand against drugs. Communities all across the United States can come together and take a stand against underage drug use. Businesses, communities, schools, and parents come together to provide special educational programs to teach children the dangers of underage drug use.

The National Family Partnership (NFP) is the national sponsor of the Red Ribbon Campaign. NFP has been involved with drug prevention education since 1980. Its mission is to “lead and support our nation’s families and communities in nurturing the full potential of healthy, drug free youth.”1

According to the DEA website, “Research shows that children are less likely to use alcohol and other drugs when parents and other role models are clear and consistent in their opposition to substance use and abuse.”2 There are many resources available to make your Red Ribbon Week a success. The NFP provides a planning guide and a tool kit to help you get started.

An important start to your Red Ribbon Week is right inside your home. AssistGuide Information Services (AGIS) gives some helpful tips on safely storing and using your medication. AGIS suggests that you should store all of your medication in a central location together and that they are stored in their original bottles so they don’t get mixed up, and points out that you should throw away any medication that your physician has discontinued or has expired.3

It is vital to our communities, especially young people, to be educated on the dangers of underage and illegal drug use. Coast2Coast Rx encourages families to get outside and do productive activities such as a bike ride in the park, a family outing to the great outdoors or even a nice quiet game night at home can help engage children and young adults and keep them away from dangerous lifestyles. And as always, when it comes to prescription drugs needed to improve your family’s health, Coast2Coast Rx is a great resource to help you save significantly on thousands of commonly-prescribed medications.

Coast2Coast Rx applauds the work of the organizers of nationally recognized Red Ribbon Week, who have educated communities about drug abuse prevention for many years. We encourage families, classrooms, and communities to use the tools provided by Red Ribbon Week to learn more about drug safety and prevention.







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