Yolo County’s Two-Year Program Anniversary

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Free program helps constituents manage their health and while generating revenue for public services

The Yolo County Board of Supervisors announced today that its free discount prescription card, Coast2Coast Rx, has saved participating residents collectively $492,568 on prescriptions since it was inaugurated in August 2011. During this two-year period, participants have saved an average of 61.2 percent—with an impressive year-to-date average savings of 66.8 percent in 2013.

Adding to the value of the program is its revenue generating feature; the county receives $1.25 for each prescription filled using the card. Coast2Coast Rx—a free, comprehensive program for savings on thousands of prescriptions and additional health services—has no restrictions on age, health status or income. With no membership paperwork required, residents are immediately eligible to use the plan for all members of their family with no expiration date.

The Yolo County Health Department has made the card available to residents through community-based organizations and county offices. Revenue from the program has been allocated to serve the healthcare needs of Yolo County’s indigent population.

“Underinsured or uninsured residents can use the card to make their prescriptions and other health care services more affordable—a key feature to maintaining their overall health and in many cases managing chronic diseases,” said Yolo County Health Director Jill Cook.

With the Coast2Coast Rx card, consumers have benefitted from savings of up to 75 percent on their prescriptions. For those facing the expense of needed prescriptions without the benefit of insurance, insufficient coverage or high deductibles under a current plan, the card can be a significant cost-saver, and in some cases, can be used to offset the gap in coverage that Medicare Part D patients sometimes experience. Discounts on certain dental, vision, hearing, lab services, diabetes supplies, and even pet prescriptions and veterinary services, are available using the same card through partner programs. More than 59,000 pharmacies nationwide accept the card, including major chains and many independent establishments.

Yolo County residents can pick up cards at county offices or download and print their cards at /yolo/for immediate savings. Follow the program on Facebook and Twitter for updates and general health care news.



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*This is NOT insurance. Discounts are only available at participating pharmacies. By using this card you agree to pay the entire prescription cost less any applicable discount. Savings may vary by drug and by pharmacy. The program administrator may obtain fees or rebates from manufacturers and/or pharmacies based on your prescription drug purchases. These fees or rebates may be retained by the program administrator or shared with you and/or your pharmacy. Prescriptions purchased through this program will not be eligible for reimbursement through Medicaid, Medicare or any other government program. This program does not guarantee the quality of the services or products offered by individual providers. We do not sell your personal information. Call the member toll-free number on the front of the ID card (1-800-931-8872) to file a complaint related to this program. Note to Texas Consumers: You may contact the Texas Department of Insurance if you remain dissatisfied after completing this program’s complaint process. Owned and operated by Financial Marketing Concepts, Inc.; a Florida Corporation.