Summer Travel Health 101

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Do you plan on traveling this summer? Are you going on a beach, mountain or hiking adventure? No matter where you plan on traveling to this summer, there are a few health tips that will help keep you safe and let you focus on having fun!


Healthy Traveler’s Checklist – Before you go out of town, it is very important to review how your health care plan will take care of you and your family on vacation. This checklist from Health Net, Inc. includes information about health insurance, medications, proactive prescriptions, immunizations, benefits and coverage. You can see the entire list and its details here.

Traveling with Prescription Medicine – If you rely on prescription medications, make sure to plan ahead when traveling. First, you will need to order enough medication to cover your needs during your travel time. It is also very important that you pack your prescription medicine carefully in tightly closed containers and keep them protected from the heat and light. To help make your travel by plane a bit easier, follow guidelines and pack your prescription medicine in your carry on bag and bring a duplicate prescription with you. This blog has a good list of tips to keep in mind while traveling with prescription medicine.

Summer First Aid Kit – If you’re planning on hitting the open road or great outdoors this summer, be sure to have a summer first aid kit packed and ready to go in case of an emergency.  The American Red Cross, an expert in emergency response, listed the top ten essential items that you need to have inside of your first aid kit:

  • Adhesive bandages
  • Sterile gauze pads
  • Latex-free disposable glove
  • Tweezers
  • Thermometer
  • Triple-antibiotic ointment
  • Antiseptic wipes
  •  First-aid instructions
  • Topical antihistamines
  • Aspirin
  • Face mask


Immunizations – Make sure that you have all of your vaccines, health care information, and medication records up to date before you travel this summer. When you are traveling abroad, especially to an underdeveloped country, make sure that you’ve been adequately immunized against any infectious diseases you might encounter. Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention1 in addition to checking with your health care provider.


Healthy Eating and Drinking – While most travelers want to get a taste of their destination’s culture and cuisine, be careful about what you eat and drink in different cities and countries. Your body may not be accustomed to certain types of foreign food, so in order to avoid “traveler’s tummy”, you can choose to drink bottled water, fresh foods like fruits and nuts, and avoid unpasteurized dairy products such as cheese and milk as well as certain sea food dishes.2

Healthy Traveling Iphone and Ipad Apps – There are also several Iphone and Ipad apps that may help you stay safe as you travel, including the app called “Travel Health.” Take a look at more apps that could be helpful for you as you travel.


Active Summer Vacation –  Even if you don’t leave town, you can stay active and moving this summer! Check out this summer workout playlist to help keep you motivated during your summer workouts.3 Or, why not make fitness part of your travels… here’s a link to view summer 2012 marathons!


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Coast2Coast Rx Cards For Cities
Houston, Texas       Article       October 14, 2010

KTRK       Article       October 12, 2010–november-3-9-2010.html

Lorain, Ohio

Newark, New Jersey
(scroll to bottom)

Coast2Coast Rx Cards For Counties
Alameda, California – Newspapers – Independent/IND 2009-09-03.pdf (scroll to page 3 of newspaper) (scroll down to page 2)

Amador, California

Augusta- Richmond, Georgia (scroll to bottom)

Buncombe, North Carolina

> (scroll down)

Charlotte, Florida

Collier, Florida

Contra Costa, California (scroll to page 3)

Copiah, Mississippi

Dallas, Texas

Dukes, Massachusetts (scroll to page 3)

Ellis, Texas

Highlands, Florida

Humboldt, California

Jackson, Mississippi

Lee, Florida

Madison, Mississippi

Mobile, Alabama

Panola, Mississippi

Placer, California

Rock Island, Illinois

San Joaquin, California,iZeY3TdoPDLE

San Luis Obispo, California (scroll to page 2)

San Mateo, California (scroll down to bottom of Santa Clara County launch)

Santa Barbara, California (scroll down through several other news stories)

Santa Cruz, California

Sarasota, Florida (click on video button on pill picture)

Smith, Mississippi

Tulare, California

Ventura, California

Walthall, Mississippi

York, Pennsylvania

Coast2Coast Rx Cards For Townships:
Niles – Township, Illinois (flip to second page),skokie-prescript-102110-s1.article

Additional Coverage:

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