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If you have a pulse, you can get a prescription, It's as simple as that. Click here to read more from NJ.com.

Senator Cory Booker, New Jersey

It’s a fast and easy resource to keep your family healthy. Click here to listen to the full endorsement from San Diego County.

Supervisors Greg Cox and Ron Roberts, San Diego County

If you are uninsured or underinsured this free discount card might be just right for your family. Click here to listen to the full City of Houston endorsement.

Annise Parker, Former Mayor of Houston

Like you, I will do anything to keep my family healthy. That's why I am telling you guys about the Coast2Coast prescription discount
card. Watch the video here.

Mario Lopez

There are no eligibility requirements so the Rx card is expected to have a sizeable impact on uninsured residents or residents facing high insurance deductibles. Click here to read full CBS news story.

Supervisor Erin Hannigan for Solano County

In offering the prescription drug discount card, I’d like to alleviate a bit of the stress that many residents are facing right now in this financially unstable time. Paying a little less at the drugstore can’t hurt, especially when the cost of healthcare is steadily rising. Click here to read more.

Paul O’Grady, Supervisor Orland Township, Illinois

"MAS is proud to offer the service of discounted prescriptions to Mississippi residents and their families." Mississippi Association of Supervisors has endorsed the Coast2CoastRx program and encourages all Mississippi counties and their residents to participate. Click here to read the full press release.

Executive Director Derrick Surrette of the Mississippi Association of Supervisors

Prescription medications can be costly, so the city of Phoenix has partnered with Coast2CoastRx to help Phoenix residents save money by offering a free drug discount card. Since the partnership began in 2010, Phoenix-area residents have saved well over $15 million.Click here to read the full Partner Profile.

City of Phoenix, Arizona

To date, 297 prescriptions have been purchased which would have cost $20,811.16. Instead, card users have paid $8,440.41, saving $12,370.75 or 59.4%. Click here to read full newsletter.

Township of Winfield, Illinois

Ela Township is joining other townships throughout Cook, Lake, McHenry and DuPage Counties in offering the Coast2CoastRx Card, a FREE prescription drug card that can benefit your entire family. Click here to read the full article.

Chicago Tribune

I think we’re going to get quite a turnout. Click here to see the full article from Channel 7 San Diego.

San Diego County Launch of Coast2Coast Rx Card Program in 2011

By reducing the cost of prescriptions we can free up cash for other family needs. I want to thank the Heinz Foundation and FMC for offering this to Houstonians. Click here to read the full press release from the Mayor's office.

Annise P, Mayor Houston TX

“I am very excited about the overwhelming success of our partnership with the Coast2CoastRx program. It has turned out to be more helpful than we could ever have anticipated, especially for our senior citizens. I am proud and pleased that Niles Township was the first township in Illinois to offer the program.”
Click here to read the full article.

Marilyn Glazer, Supervisor Niles Township, Illinois

Kitty Kendrick, of Niles Township, said one resident, with Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance, found out that a drug prescribed for his seriously ill wife wouldn’t be covered at all by the insurer. “He used your Government Rx Card, and it was covered,” Kendrick said. “Not 100 percent, but it saved him enough money, so he could afford the drug.” Kendrick said she downloaded a card for her uncle and saved him money on his prescriptions.

Kitty Kendrick, Administrator/Deputy Clerk of Niles Township, Illinois

In all the years I’ve been involved with the township, this program has caused more people to come in here and say, ‘thank you’ than anything else we’ve ever done,” said Kitty Kendrick, deputy clerk and co-administrator of Niles Township. The township has been distributing the prescription drug cards since October 2011, and on average, people saved 45.5 percent on 7,385 prescriptions that were filled for a total savings of $216,000 through July 31, 2011.

The South Town Star, Chicago Sun Times

Hi. I'm a pharmacy technician at Walgreens in the Chicagoland area. We have used all the Government Rx Cards you gave us, and it seems to really be helping our customers. Could you please drop some more cards off? I just ask that you don't communicate this to our corporate offices because Walgreens has a drug discount plan, but customers must pay to join, and we are encouraged to promote and sign customers up for that. However, we have been using your card and find many prescriptions are cheaper with your card than with the Walgreens drug discount card. We are located in xxx and our customers appreciate your plan. THANKS!

A pharmacy technician at Walgreens

A well-known physician in Pediatrics in the Baltimore area called us to inquire about the card. He said that one of his patients brought a card in to his office and told him that she had a prescription for a very expensive baby formula that was not covered by her insurance and which she could not afford. Her pharmacist had given her one of our cards, and she wanted to tell him that the card allowed her to purchase the $300 baby formula at a discount for only $36! After learning about our program, the physician asked us to send him a supply of cards, so he could give them to his other patients.

Dr. Ken

I am experiencing blood pressure problems. And the loss of my job has been very stressful. You and your card have been a blessing and very inspirational. A well needed help in a difficult time.


This is a God send for me right now. I just lost my job and I don't have any insurance and I have Lupus. Thank you very, very much!

Patricia M.

Thank you for this help. I am uninsured, and your program has helped so much and has made a difference. What a positive and nice thing to do, especially when I wasn’t expecting it. Thank the Lord and thank you again.


I would just like to express my thanks for your program. I currently do not have prescription coverage and have cancer that just recently required a prescription. Your program saved me substantially. As a single mother you cannot imagine how surprised I was when the pharmacist let me know about this program. Programs like this are needed and beneficial, I appreciate it – it was a blessing to me! Thanks again.

Kathleen W.

I’m a college student with no insurance. Thanks for the card.

Deven D.

I have no insurance. This is perfect. I tried that PPA thing that Montel Williams has commercials for and found it to have no covered meds. I am disabled.


I am very sick and can’t get medical insurance. God Bless you.


My mother’s prescriptions are $600.00 a month. A much-needed savings, thanks.


We just changed insurance carriers and not for the better if you know what I mean. We now have high deductibles and nothing for Rx. With 5 of us, this helps a lot! Thank you.

Mark O.

I have no health insurance and have 3 Rx per month I have to have. This card is a blessing.

Mrs. K.

Each time I go to the doctor it seems I get prescriptions for meds. It costs $50 to $150 for each medication, and it's draining me. This card has helped!

B. Pinnacle

My parents are currently without health insurance and this card is very helpful.


My name is Richard, and I pay over $650.00 a month for my meds because I have no health insurance. The card cut my cost by a third.

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